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Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange
China Scholarship Council (CSC), a legal and non-profitable institution directly under the Ministry of Education of China is mainly responsible for the organization, financial support and management of Chinese citizens wishing to study abroad and foreign citizens wishing to study in China.

Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange (the center), a part of CSC, is registered with the State Bureau for Industrial &Commercial Administration (Registration No. 2000-02). The objective of the center is to serve the society and train talented people. The main business of the centre is provide management of partial scholarship projects of self funded Chinese students wishing to study abroad and service to Chinese students wishing to study abroad and foreign students wishing to study in China on self support basis. We also organize training programs held both in China and foreign countries for the state ministries, local governments, middle school and university presidents, English teachers and other related institution staff, and hold various sorts of international education exhibitions to promote the exchange and cooperation with partners worldwide.

As one of the national level international education exchange and service institutions in China, the center persists on the national educational policies and strictly runs business and management work according to the state regulations and high standard.

The center is the first batch national agent institution with authorities accredited by three state ministries and specialized in business nationwide for the service of Chinese self-fund students wishing to study abroad, and has a proficient project management and service system. In order to improve the service quality, the center has invited a large number of famous Chinese and foreign experts and scholars as our consultants to establish a series of strict verification system for selecting the best talented personnel of the scholarship programme as well as foreign cooperative partners. Meanwhile, the center attaches great importance to the protection of the legal rights of Chinese citizens while establishing cooperative projects with foreign countries.

As of today, the center has established a wide range of exchanges and cooperation with more than 50 international educational institutions, organizations, and famous universities such as Edufrance in France, University of Technology Network, Danish Rector’s Conference in Denmark, McMaster University in Canada, Michigan State University in USA, University of Nottingham, University of Lough borough and University of Manchester in the UK, IDP Education Australia, Australian National University, the University of New South Wales and the University of Adelaide in Australia, the Leiden University and theTU Delft University in Netherlands, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

The center also has opened Department of Art Study Abroad.

A Brief Introduction to the Department of Art Study Abroad

The Department of Art Study Abroad, the first department of it's kind to do the business of art study abroad (music, fine art, dance, movie and TV, and design) in the study abroad service field in China, was established in 2000. Our department actively promotes the integration of Chinese art education with international one, and provides a good platform for Chinese art students to have face-to-face art exchanges with world famous art institutions and also a good channel for them to study in the world famous art institutions. Through our few years' efforts, our department has successfully sent hundreds of excellent Chinese art students to study in world famous art institutions in foreign countries such as Ukrainian, Russia, Austria, Germany and Singapore and we have received firm supports from many famous Chinese art institutions.

Our department also devotes itself to the development of cooperation on art teaching programme between Chinese and foreign art institutions and inter-institutional art exchanges. We also select good foreign art teachers to participate in art exchange programmes and teaching in Chinese art institutions. We organize world famous art institutions to recruit students at site in China every year. At the same time, we also invite foreign artists to give lectures and conduct art exchanges programme in China.

The Department of Art Study Abroad has opened a China Art Study Abroad website: www art-abroad.com for Chinese art students to understand foreign art education and to really know foreign art educational system and resources in a more understandable way. In 2004, we sent 17 master degree Chinese students to study in Ukraine National Tchaikovsky Academy Of Music all of whom completed their studies and came back to China, and all are employed in China. In 2005, 20 master degree students will be graduated from this school. Our center has a good long-term cooperation relationship with world famous art institutions and we are the sole representatives of many foreign art institutions to recruit Chinese artstudents to study abroad.

Department of Art Study Abroad
Dongfang International Centre for Educational Exchanges
China State Scholarship Council
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